Top 10 Fat Burners for 2014

fat burnersLosing weight can seem like an uphill battle. If you have continually tried to lose weight the traditional way and just can’t seem to get the results you want, then maybe it’s time to try adding in a natural weight loss supplement.

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There are different types of dietary supplements on the market today. The best ones will provide a source of energy, a way to reduce hunger, and a way to burn fat. We have gathered information based on customer experiences to help you decide. Once you have an idea of which one you want to try, do some more research on your own, like looking at the fat burners has listed, to ensure you have the most complete information.

Although these are natural products, it is important you talk with your physician because even natural ingredients can cause side effects. Generally, they are not serious. It all depends on your individual body chemistry. You may just find what you need to finally achieve your weight loss goals!

#1 – Phen375 – The Strongest Metabolic and Appetite Suppressant Around


Why do we think this appetite suppressant is the best?

It’s simple…The idea that it can suppress appetite and burn fat is phenomenal! This combination addresses two factors that tend to be obstacles for people trying to lose weight the traditional way. Cravings are a major downfall for most people. Come on… Admit it! You are not alone in this battle!

Here’s how it works in 3 simple phases…

  1. Suppresses your appetite which reduces calories and fat consumption
  2. Accelerates your body’s metabolic rate, which increases your fat burning capacity forcing your body to burn fat for energy
  3. Stops your body from turning carbohydrates into fat preventing additional fat stores

What is the secret to the success of this fat burning supplement?

It’s the high quality ingredients, of course! Phen375 is not packed with insignificant fillers. In fact, this powerful fat burner contains only 7 ingredients that each play a significant role in the fat burning process. This slightly new reformulated blend prevails providing amazing results!


Here’s what is packed inside this unique diet pill (hover over the ones with links, i put in a title with brief benefits, search the internet on other ingredients if want more info):

These ingredients come together to create what we believe is the most effective weight loss supplement on the market today! Not convinced? Take it from someone who has actually had some experience with it….


Ava states…

“I did not try Phen375, but I told my husband about it and he tried it. He was not only overweight, but he suffered from heart related illnesses because of this excess weight. We were concerned there would be side effects, but luckily he didn’t have any issues and lost the weight rather quickly.”


Piter states…

“I did a lot of research on Phen375 before I told my wife about it. My wife gained a ton of weight after childbirth. She has been trying to get rid of it and just couldn’t seem to lose it. In less than a year, she lost the weight and gained back her beautiful, slim figure.

If you’ve heard Phen375 is illegal, this is absolutely WRONG! Phen375 also known as Phentemine is a replacement for the banned fat burner called Phentermine. We can see how this can be confusing as the names are extremely similar.

The shocking truth is Phentermine was an extremely effective weight loss diet pill; however, it caused serious side effects. Phen375 formulated a blend that works as well as the banned product WITHOUT the side effects.

This is not to say you won’t experience any side effects, but they will likely be mild. Some people have reported dizziness, increased heart rate, stool inconsistently, and sleep issues. Any supplement can cause side effects because people react differently to ingredients. Generally, if you do experience side effects, they will go away shortly after the initial dosage.

This is your time to shine! Don’t let another day go by without taking the steps to begin your total body transformation. Order right now!

Video Testimonials

Here are some Video Testimonials from Phen375 customers.

Phen375-weight-loss-success-story-danielle from RDK Global on Vimeo.

Phen375-video-malisa from RDK Global on Vimeo.
Phen375 before and after pictures montage video, definitely worth watching!

Phen375 V6 from RDK Global on Vimeo.

#2 – Meratol – Not Just a Slimming Pill


The unique benefits Meratol provides are surprising. There are not too many diet pills like it! If you want to feel better overall, this food supplement may be for you. Just four ingredients could turn your world around!

How can it change your life? Many people tend to suffer from focusing and concentration problems. This is especially true as you grow older. This weight loss supplement contains ingredients that will actually help you to focus better. Being more alert and more focused can help you get through each day effortlessly.

What else can it do for you?

Those who try to lose weight the traditional way will eat less and exercise more. The problem with this is that when you eat less, you are likely not getting enough fuel to sustain the workouts. Including this diet supplement into your daily regimen will give you the energy you need to get through an intense workout, while reducing your urges to eat.

There’s more…

  • Burns fat
  • Burns calories
  • Blocks carbohydrate intake
  • Increases elimination


Take a look at the ingredients…


This is also known as chili pepper. It has thermogenic properties that turn up the body heat. Your body begins to burn calories when it cools down. It increases fat mobilization, especially in the abdominal area. It increases your resting metabolic rate, which also helps your body burn fat.

Other health benefits: increases blood circulation, regulates blood pressure, reduces fatigue, and reduces respiratory illnesses

Prickly Pear Extract

This ingredient contains fiber and pectin. It has many different functions, which include:

  • lower blood glucose by decreasing sugar absorption in the stomach and intestine
  • decrease cholesterol levels
  • kills viruses in the body

Fiber can give you that sense of fullness; therefore, this ingredient can help to suppress appetite.

Brown Algae

Brown algae will give you the feeling of satiety according to a clinical study posted on Food Product Design on December 2011. The study was conducted at the University of Copenhagen. Results showed that dietary fiber from brown algae increases satiety promoting weight loss.

Other health benefits: Brown algae contains antioxidants that have been thought to prevent damage to the body that can lead to serious diseases, such as cancer, heart disease, fibromyalgia, arthritis, and high cholesterol.


This ingredient can help you lose weight by suppressing your appetite, burning calories, and water loss. Caffeine stimulates thermogenesis.

Wow! Meratol really does do a lot more than just help you shed pounds.


Here’s what people are saying about Meratol…

J Graham states…

“I only needed to lose a few pounds as I wasn’t really overweight. I was a little nervous about ordering a diet pill. In fact, some of them were actually a little scary to try because of the side effects. I decided to try Meratol because it not only reported no side effects, but it also had a variety of other health benefits. I lost 7 pounds in two weeks and felt better overall. I think that everyone should try Meratol, even if they don’t have to lose weight.”

B. Bellham states…

“If you are serious about losing weight, then Meratol is for you. I have made some serious changes to my diet and am exercising more now. I am trying to be a good role model for my daughter.”

Take control of your health today. Start by ordering Meratol!

#3 – LipoFuze – Powerful All Natural Fat Burner for Fast Weight Loss!


Are you looking to lose weight fast? If so, this powerful blend of all natural ingredients is the way to go. Lipofuze reviews indicate people are seeing amazing results. Take the first step towards transforming your body.

Here’s how this weight loss supplement works….

Lipofuze actually has all of the components necessary for rapid weight loss. Not only is it an appetite suppressant, it increases your metabolism and fat burning enzymes designed to melt the fat away.

Our editor’s choice of Lipofuze wasn’t the only to pick this natural fat burning supplement as the most effective for weight loss.  The testimonials (click the testimonials tab) and customer reviews have given Lipofuze high marks and 91% of first time customers order another more!

What are customers saying as the reason for this? Long term weight loss results!

There is a clinically proven list of natural ingredients as described in our ingredients section on the above tab.  These ingredients were chosen for their ability to target fat loss, not water weight. Lipofuze users average 10.5 pounds of fat loss in week one!

Here is how this fat burning supplement works for you…

  • Fat is incinerated.
  • Your lean muscle mass is increased. No muscle loss on this diet!
  • Your energy level is increased, helping to burn even more fat.
  • A decrease in your appetite, reducing your calorie count and forcing your body to burn fat!

There are more fat burning enzymes in your body to literally melt the fat away. Your increased energy gives you the emotional boost we all crave to be more active, whether you take walks you never did before or any other new fitness routine.  This boost just helps get the body you want even faster!

Lipofuze has a 90 day risk free guarantee of satisfaction.

Click here to add Lipofuze to your weight loss program and finally get the body you have always wanted and failed to get on previous attempts. Don’t forget they offer 90 days to try their product risk free!


Still not convinced? Not sure yet why you should trust Lipofuze? Don’t take our word for it. Here are just a few customer testimonials sharing their experiences with this fat burner.

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Dee states…

“I lost 22 pounds in just four months taking half of the dosage. I did take a walk for about 20 minutes 3 times per week. I have been trying to lose these pounds for years and have about 30 more to go. I did experience heartburn at first, but I decided it was well worth it for the weight I have finally lost!”

Her is Erin’s Video where she talks about losing 40 pounds using Lipofuze.

Keith states…

“I began Lipofuze in June. I lost 35 pounds in three months time without any side effects. I think the most noticeable thing for me is that I stopped craving food. In fact, there were days when I had to actually remind myself to eat. I have tried several diet pills in the past and have not ever had one suppress my hunger as well as Lipofuze. I highly recommend it to others because I am very happy with what it has done for me.”


So, what’s the secret? Let’s take a look at what is packed into this effective diet pill…

  • Green Coffee Bean Extract
  • Caffeine Anhydrous
  • Irvingia Gabonensis
  • Green Select Phytosome Green Tea
  • CoEnzyme Q10

The formula is simple, yet highly potent. These five ingredients, four of which are clinically proven, are designed to deliver extreme results. Each one has a specific purpose, leaving no room for fillers. This is one of the many reasons we have chosen Lipofuze to be in our top three!

Side Effects

As mentioned above, one person experienced heartburn, while the other person did not have any side effects. This is true of any supplement, all-natural or not! How your body reacts to an ingredient will differ from others. Some people have complained about heartburn, diarrhea, dry mouth, gas, headaches, and gas.

Good News! We haven’t seen where there have been reports of serious side effects! Most people that do experience them feel they are worth suffering once they begin to see their body transform!

Kick start your weight loss journey. Get maximum results by combining it with a healthy diet and exercise. There is a 90-day money-back guarantee, so you have no reason not to try Lipofuze. Imagine finally achieving that slim, lean body you have always dreamed of having. Don’t waste any more time. Order today!

#4 – Skinny Sprinkles

Are your cravings just too hard to overcome? If so, Skinny Sprinkles may be just what you need to keep you on track. This weight management drink is designed to give you that full feeling. Its main ingredient is Glucomannan. Once it enters into your stomach, it swells and remains there longer than normal giving you that full feeling for a longer period of time. Stop the cravings with Skinny Sprinkles. Make your order right now!

#5 – TestoRipped

Sorry women…This one’s for the men! This is no ordinary fat burner. In fact, its capabilities are quite impressive. Here’s what TestoRipped can do for you….

  • Increase Strength
  • Increase Power
  • Increase Lean Muscle
  • Increase Energy
  • Increase Fat Loss
  • Increases Muscle Definition

It’s the perfect energy amplifier for an intense workout!

Here’s how it works….

It increases the testosterone in your body. This increase improves your ability to eliminate fat and gain muscle. If you don’t have any fat to lose and are just interested in muscle gain, take it before your workout to make your workouts more effective.

The ingredients are what make this fat scorching supplement so effective. It is made up of a combination of essential vitamins and minerals, strength enhancing, and muscle building ingredients. There have not been any studies done on these combinations. There have been some reported side effects. These include: stomach aches, hunger, acne, restlessness, and respiratory problems. These could dissipate after a few days of use.

This diet supplement not only helps you men lose weight, but it will also help you get that defined muscular body you have been striving to achieve. Order today!

#6 – Capsiplex

Heat up your body with Capsiplex! Seriously…Raising your body temperature forces it to work harder when it cools down. This process is called thermogenesis. The thermogenic booster included in this nutritional supplement is Capsicum.

Capsicum is a form of hot pepper extract! The combination of Capsicum, Caffeine, Niacin, Piperine, and Triglycerides forms a highly effective metabolism booster designed to take the weight off! Try it today!

#7 – Tea Tone Plus

Do you like to drink green tea? If you do, that’s great! It has many excellent health benefits aside from losing weight. But, would you like to drink three different teas all at once? Tea Tone Plus has developed a powerful diet product designed to give you all the benefits of these healthy teas plus raspberry ketones.

You will find the following very popular ingredients in Tea Tone Plus: Green Tea Extract, Oolong Tea Extract, Pu-erh Extract, and Razberi-K. This powerful mix will help you lose unwanted fat and increase your metabolism. Get started today!

#8 – Nuratrim

This unique plant based weight loss formula is simple, yet powerful. With only four potent ingredients, it can increase energy levels, improve digestion, boost your metabolism, lower cholesterol levels, and curb your appetite.

The ingredients included in this diet supplement are:

  • Glucomannan is fiber that absorbs water and swells in your stomach promoting satiety.
  • Licorice Extract inhibits weight gain and prevents abdominal fat accumulation.
  • Green Coffee Extract burns fat.
  • Capsicum increases your metabolism to burn calories.

This blend forms a diet pill that targets all the areas necessary for successful weight loss. Get yours here!

#9 – Proactol Plus

Proactol Plus is an all natural fat binding supplement designed to bind up to 27.4% of your dietary fat intake. This means that a large percentage of the fat you eat could simply pass through your body without sticking around to becoming stored inside your body!

How is this possible? The process is simple. The all natural ingredients fall into two categories, which are soluble and non-soluble fibers. When these fibers collide, they form a sticky solution that remains in the stomach making you feel full longer. The fat bound in this solution will leave your body without being absorbed. Prickly Pear Cactus is accredited for stopping your body from absorbing this fat. Order this remarkable fat binding diet pill today!

#10 – Fenphedrine

Fenphedrine takes a unique approach to weight loss. It targets two specific hormones, CART and NPY that technically work against each other. The idea is to balance these two hormones. Why would you need to balance these particular hormones?

CART burns fat, maintains your metabolism, controls appetite, and maintains your energy levels. NPY tends to increase food intake and decrease physical activity. It also increases the amount of energy being stored as fat. Try it today!
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